Storage Therapy: 9 Smart Closet Hacks to Get More Space!!


The closet is the messiest of the place in the house. Believe it, or not a lot of people do store a lot of unwanted things in their closet. And the result? A messy and unwelcoming closet!! So, why keep a messy cupboard, when you can keep it clean with these clever 9 closet hacks!

1.  Make use of pull-out hangers to store trousers. This way, the clothes will not get creased.

2. Another useful method of storing denim and pants is by hanging them in clips. Opt for good quality hangers with attached clips.

3. Segregate drawers using handy tools like cardboard or shoe box. This will help you keep the drawer tidy!

4. Now storing inner wear is simple! Use thick paper to build dividers!

5. Boxes like this will make storage an easy task.

6. Space constraint? No problem! Opt for a chic open cupboard to store your belongings!

7. Use the door of the cabinet to store bags!

8. Save the pumps in the closet with hooks!


9. Keep the scarves sorted with hangers like this!

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