Vastu Shastra: Know Where and What Kind of Pictures to Put up in your Home


Vastu Shastra sets down standards for every corner and belongings present in the house and depicts the ideal placement of art and family pictures. The direction and the location of pictures have a direct effect on our mind. And, a wrong placement of an image can have an adverse effect on the house and the family members. For example, we do have a habit of putting up pictures of a deceased relative in the puja room. However, Vastu Shastra doesn’t permit hanging such pictures in the puja room.

Take a look at the 7 essential tips to know where and what kind of picture should you put up in your house for a harmonious life:

1. Pictures portraying war, loneliness, and sadness should not be hanged on the walls.

2. Avoid hanging pictures delineating anger. It has an unsettling influence on your mind.

3. Abstract painting and pictures with no clear and meaningful content lead to confusion and stress and shall be avoided.

4. Try not to put pictures of deceased relatives on North-east divider or in the puja room. Place your late predecessor’s pictures on the southern wall.

5. Pictures depicting water component can be placed on the northern wall, while pictures of fire ought to be situated just on the southern wall.

6. Place family photos on the south-west wall to strengthen the bond. Also, never put family pictures on the eastern or northern divider.

7. To harmonize the vibe of home, put up wonderful pictures of birds in a pair. And avoid unpleasant pictures of birds or wild animals.

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