Back to School: 20 Chalkboard Walls you will Fall in Love With!


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Chalkboard paint is all that rage now. Not only chalkboard paints are easy to apply, but also you can have a different design or just write a nice quote just with chalk! The Homebliss team brings you a list of 27 chalkboard wall ideas that will inspire you to change home interior.


f (1)Pinterest

Paint a wall of the study room for the little one and give him/her the chalk and see what he/she draws!


f (1)

You can paint one of the corners with chalkboard paint and write down some quirky message to make it look fun.


f-(1)Our Daily Bread

Bored of the same old fridge? No worries, we got your back! Paint it with the chalkboard paint and use it to write down menu and to-do list.


f (2)Suncityvillas

Washroom can be fun too when you have chalkboard paint!


f (2)


f (15)Notey

Paint the planters and bottles with chalkboard paint and just write down the name of the herb or drink it contains.


f (3)Pinterest

Every night could be a date night when you paint the dining area with chalkboard paint!


f (4)ArchDaily

Not only does chalkboard paint lets you pour out your heart, but it also makes the room look sophisticated!


f (4)Trucos Dulces

Give the white colored coffee mug a quirky makeover with chalkboard paint.


f (6)Decorando com Classe

Now, you can write down the names of the wine with chalks!


f (7)Proyectos Habitissimo

Work from home has never been this fun!


f (8)Pinterest

Forget all the worries of your kid painting in the wall. Just paint one of the walls with chalkboard paint and see your child doodle onto it!


f (9)Viva Decora

Give your bathroom a classy look with chalkboard paint!


f (10)Home Decorating Ideas

Now listing down the wine menu is easy!


f (11)Abitant

Even a classy and sophisticated kitchen like this can carry chalkboard paint.


f (12)Decoist


f (18)Designxzo

Be it a home office or a kitchen corner; chalkboard paint is a cool thing to opt for.


f (13)Look at Home

Beautiful bedroom with chalkboard painted wall and framed messages.


f (14)Project Junior

Kids room is the best place to have a chalkboard wall.


f (20)LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

Paint the cupboard and just name the drawers for its belongings!


f (21)Crown Point Cabinetry

Or just paint the fireplace wall with chalkboard paint and write down a funny quote!


f (24)Go Design Go

You can also paint the wall of the home office with chalkboard paint and team it up with pretty furniture!

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