How to Set Up the Perfect Table for the Diwali Get-Together


Regardless of whether you’re organizing a Diwali dinner party, or having a meal together with your family, the dining space is the place where people come together. However, it’s the most ignored spot, and needs some attention! But not anymore! Check out the 6 ingenious ways to set up the perfect table for the Diwali get-together:

1. A runner over the dining table will add the much-needed softness and warmth to space.

2. When it comes to the decor part of the dining space, we suggest not to put tall objects over the table. Keep the centerpiece and lighting of the area minimal and interesting!

3. Always opt for natural and colorful accessories like plant, flower, and fruits over the table!

4. If you have a big dining table, you can opt for bigger accessories. However, a small table always calls for smaller accessories.

5. The focal piece of the table should never go above your face level!

6. Go for a grand piece in the center, instead of lots of knick-knacks!

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