How to Get Rid of Sentimental Clutter!


Decluttering can be an exceptionally emotional task and particularly when you are dealing with things that you are emotionally attached to. For this cleanup chore, our objective is less about the area of the clutter and more about the stuff itself – the sentimental clutter!

What is a sentimental clutter?

Anything you’re clinging to not for its usability, but rather of what it means to you. Perhaps it represents a past relationship or boxes of things you had an inclination that you should keep from school. Prepare to have your mind blown.

If you haven’t hauled them out in three years, a possibility is that you won’t miss them as much as you think.

This is a hard territory to clean up! So brace yourself to take that emotional ride! Open up the cabinets and the storeroom, drag out the boxes, and get started!

#1 Bid Goodbye!

It’s always hard to say goodbye! Hence, spend some time with your sentimental belongings before you pass it on.

#2 Take Pictures

Because you’re disposing of your sentimental clutter, it doesn’t mean you need to delete the happy memories it brings back. Click a picture as you say farewell and memorialize it in a collection! This way you remain connected with the thing as well.

#3 Pick and Choose

If you are having a hard time disposing stuff, then get a small box and restrict yourself to keeping just what fits inside.

#4 Just One

In case you’re clinging to a prized possession that you simply don’t have space for, consider keeping one thing — your most loved thing — and use it to remember the rest that you’re passing on to another life.

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