Decor Inspiration: 9 Ways to Infuse Bengali Decor in your Home


The Bengalis are well known for their tradition, love for culture, and energy. If you have been to a house in Bengal or being to any of yours Bengali friend, you might discover that Bengali homes ooze simplicity and authenticity in the best frame. So, if you are in love with Bengali culture and need your home to look simple, yet unique like them, then this blog is going to assist you in achieving the same. Following are a few tips and stylistic layout components that you can infuse into your home for the ideal engaging Bengali touch!

1. Rosewood Furniture


As seen in the films with Bengali culture in them, you will discover tons of wood worked furniture in a Bengali home. Wooden furniture is one of the key elements of a Bengali home, and it not just gives the entire decor a royal touch, but on the other hand is ideal for covering distinctive spaces perfectly. To give your home a Bong feel, dress it up with wooden tables, stockpiling cupboards, beds, wooden end tables and the sky is the limit from there.

2. Bookshelf

One of the things that you will notice in a Bengali home is a bookshelf filled in with books! If you happen to be a bibliophile, then flaunt those loved books in a beautiful shelf, and see how your home gets an instant makeover!

3. Antique

You will dependably observe a Bengali home enriched with different lovely antiques. Place such things on the display shelves and give your home a brilliant touch with an imperial look. Additionally, you can put up framed old photographs to make your rooms more alluring.

4. Linen


Linens play a significant role when it comes to incorporating Bengali decor in your home. Opt for cotton, chanderi, and block printed bed sheet and curtains to give your home a Bengali touch.

5. Dhokra Tribal Art

Opt for dhokra tribal art to give your home a touch of Bengal! Dhokra Damar tribes are the traditional metalsmiths of West Bengal. Stand dhokra artifacts in the display to make your home look beautiful!

6. Bengali Folk Painting


To infuse Bengali decor in your home, you must get some Bengali folk paintings. These paintings are beautiful as well as feature an imaginative side of Bongs positively. Put up these paintings on display in your home and let it illuminate your home with its magical hues.

7. Easy Chair


Traditional Bengali homes are bound to have easy chairs in the living room, or in the elongated balcony! Get an easy chair in your home to give it a more bong look.

8. Beamed Ceiling


This is something that you will find in the traditional Bengali homes! Beamed ceilings give your home a retro look and keep it cool during summer.

9. Grandfathers Clock

Get grandfathers clock in your home to give it a Bong touch!

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