Storage Alert: 8 Unconventional Bathroom Storage Ideas!


Cutting out some extra storage room in your home can be dubious, but coming up with more storage options in a bathroom can be out and out troublesome! Bringing in furniture into a restroom may appear to be downright counterproductive. However, in reality, there are a few furniture pieces that can be used as a storage unit in the bathroom! From ladder shelves to dressers here are 8 awesome furniture pieces that can be used as a storage option in the bathroom.

1. Ladder Shelf

It is amazing to see how a ladder can be used as a storage option! Instead of going for the conventional bathroom storage unit, opt for a chic ladder shelf.

2. Bar Cart

Squeeze in a chic bar cart in your bathroom for some extra storage option! Besides offering additional space for storing towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials, these four-wheeled marvels can move around your restroom and fit into any cramped corners easily.

3. Small Bookcase

A small bookshelf can work for nearly any room of your house, including your storage deprived bathroom as well! Be it a small open bookshelf or the one with doors; bookshelves are an excellent way to squeeze in more storage without taking up a huge amount of floor space!

4. Dresser

Trust me when I say this, a tall dresser can do more than just expanding your closet storage capacity! A tall dresser in a tight corner or against a divider of the bathroom can open the door to unlimited storage of your toiletries.

5. Cabinet with a Hutch

If you have a spacious bathroom, then this one is for you! Opt for a cabinet with hutch to expand the storage capacity of your bathroom!

6. Rolling Cart

In case you’re hunting down an easy and cheap way to score some additional storage for your lavatory, use a charming rolling cart! Alongside providing cubbies for putting away towels, makeup products, and other small items, these portable charmers can crush into pretty much any place inside your washroom, and barely cost a thing.

7. Slatted Bed Base

Create vertical storage space by hanging slatted bed base in your bathroom!


You can also use baskets in the washroom to store away the dirty laundry of the week!

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