8 Creative Shoe Storage DIYs that you haven’t seen Before!


If you are a shoe fanatic or have family staying with you, then you must be aware of the mess that shoes create! But don’t you worry! We’ve got some excellent shoe storage DIYs that will keep all your shoes in place, without making space look messy! Check out the 8 creative shoe organizing ideas that will make your heart skip a beat.

1. Make use of wooden crates to build an open shoe storage unit.


2. PVC pipes are magical! Use PVC pipes to organize your pair of shoes. You can paint the tubes to give it a fresh look.


3. Or, simply display your beautiful shoes on the wall with the help of hang molding.


4. Store your favorite pair of shoes in a hanging organizer like this!


5. Use the entryway wall to build a hanging shoe storage unit!


6. Why buy a shoe rack when you can make one with copper pipes.


7. Transform an old bookshelf into a shoe organizer. Paint it to give the stand a fresh look.

The Spruce

8. Or, just use an iron grid to store your shoes.


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