Housekeeping Hacks: 11 Handy Dusting Tricks that will Make your Life Easy!


Dusting can appear to be entirely pointless at times. But, have you looked up to the ceiling fan and notice the dust mites happily sitting? In any case, dust accumulation is not only bad for your wellbeing, but also it makes your house look awful! So check out few of these tips and tricks to take off the dust from your home like an expert!

1. Bulb

Dust accumulates everywhere, even on the bulbs! Pour rubbing alcohol over a soft cotton cloth and use it to clean the bulbs. By eliminating the layer of dust from the lights, more light will radiate through and make rooms brighter.

2. Ceiling Fan

Out of all the things in your house, the ceiling fan is the dirtiest! Moreover, cleaning the fan can be a messy affair! Hence, use an old pillow cover and wrap it around the wings of the fan to clean the dust. Moreover, this cleaning procedure will help you avoid the cleaning aftermath mess!

3. Indoor Plant Leaves

Clean the leaves of the indoor plant by supporting each leaf with your hand as you delicately brush/wipe the dust off. You may need to wash the toothbrush frequently. Additionally, you can also make a solution by mixing equal portions of water and milk, and use it to clean the plant leaves!

4. Air Conditioner

Dusting and vacuuming can send a considerable measure of fine particles up into the air. By switching the conditioner’s fan before and amid dusting, any remaining particles will be pulled through your home’s air channel.

5. Keyboard

Clean the surface of the keyboard by dampening a piece of soft cloth with rubbing alcohol. Make sure to moisten the fabric lightly. To clean in between the keys, use earbud!

6. Books

If you have lots of books in your house, then you must know the pain to dust them off! Simply, attach a soft brush to the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust accumulated on top of the books.

7. Window Blinds

Cleaning window blinds can be a cumbersome task! Make your life easy by cleaning the blinds with old socks! Just wear the socks in your hand, and clean the dust!

8. Mirror

Clean the mirror using old newspaper and a cleaner!

9. Difficult to Reach Spaces

There are many corners in a house that are difficult to reach! We suggest you tie a microfiber cloth to your broom and clean away!

10. Computer and TV Screen

For computer and TV screen, use a dryer sheet to get rid of all the specks of dust.

11. Fabric Surface

Make use of the lint remover to expel dust mites from the fabric surfaces!

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