20 Textured Wall Ideas that will give you Serious Decor Goals!


The easiest and cheapest way to revamp your master bedroom is with a textured wall. A textured wall could change the way you look at the boring bedroom, and make it into a happening one! Here’s a list of 25 textured wall ideas that will give you serious decor goals:

1.  Futuristic 3D Walls

2.Concrete Wall Pattern

3.Contemporary Glass wit Exposed Brick Bedroom

4.Exploded Panel

5.Fabulous Marble and Concrete Wall

6.Geometric Wood Pattern Wall

7.Gypsum Textured Wall

8.Honeycomb on Glossy Concrete Wall with deep layers of Wood, Tile, and Plaster

9.LED Wall Panel

10.Beautiful Accent Wall Design

11.Matt Paint Finish

12.Mirror and Wood Slats for a Dramatic Appearance

13.Tessellated Wall for a Distinctive Eye Catching Focal Point

14.Molded Wall Panel

15.Upholstered Wall


17.Wood and Tile Herringbone Wall

18.Wood Panel

19.Wood Textured Wall

20.Yellow Panel Wall

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