12 Things you MUST get rid from your Kitchen Right Now!


Okay, let’s first accept that the kitchen is one place that accumulates the most of the clutter! And believe it or not, most of us overlook the clutter or are just in denial about the things that cause clutter. This is only hampering your time and making your kitchen a living nightmare. But, don’t you worry! Check out these 12 things you need to get rid of from your kitchen right now!

1. Plastic Container


Every time you visit the restaurant for a takeaway, or even a supper, you end up getting those horrible plastic containers back at home! The result is a heap of low-grade plastic containers in your kitchen. Throw them away to keep your kitchen clean and organized.

2. Mugs


On and off the chance, we all receive mugs as a gift from someone or the other. This results in a collection of mugs, which you might have never used, or will never use! Just donate the extra mugs, or throw them away to make room in the kitchen.

3. Plastic Bags

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Plastic bags are banned! Someway or the other we find a way to use it, and most importantly, store it! This is the time you get rid of those awful plastic bags. It’s not doing anything good for your kitchen, apart than increasing the clutter.

4. Kitchen Hand Towel


Yes, you read it right! Many people use one kitchen towel for cleaning as well as handling everything else in the kitchen. We say, you keep a dedicated towel for cleaning and not use it for anything else. Moreover, don’t forget to clean the towel on a daily basis, as it is the hub to germs!

5. Kitchen Gadgets

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Let’s accept we do have kitchen gadgets that we don’t even use! Donate or just throw them away to make your kitchen livable.

6. Kitchen Tools you have Two of


There will be one of that extra scissor or grater that we never use. Things that keeps on lying in the kitchen and do nothing other than just eating up spaces. And it is time to get rid of them!

7. Blunt Knives


If you go through the kitchen items you have, am sure you will find a knife or knives that are blunt and that you don’t use. Discard them right away to keep your kitchen clutter free!

8. Unused Cook Books

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If you have one of those cookbooks that you have never used, and yet it lying there in your kitchen and eating up space! Throw them away to make some extra room.

9. Plastic Bottles

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Plastic bottles aren’t good for health! No matter how high grade the plastic is! Moreover, a prolonged use of plastic bottles can be hazardous to health as well! Get rid of them! And instead get glass bottles to store water.

10. Ineffective Cutting Board

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Usually, people have more than one cutting board! Getting rid of them will surely secure some space.

11. Expired Spices


Believe it or not, we all have expired spices in the kitchen! Look through all the spice expiry dates to improve your kitchen!

12. Frozen Food


People do have a habit of storing food in the refrigerator! Moreover, it isn’t good for health either! Get rid of them to clear up your kitchen.

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