Bathroom Decor: 9 Things to Add to Deck up your Bathroom


On and off the chance every room deserves some change. Be it the living room, bedroom, or kids room; we keep on adding new things to the rooms to cheer it up! However, what most of us forget is to deck up the washroom. Even the tiniest of the change in the restroom can make your shower time cheerful! Check out these 9 things that you can add up to your bathroom to make it look more wonderful.

1. Add ethnic lanterns in your bathroom to give it a new look!


2. Like said before, even the tiniest of the change can bring in a huge difference. Start by changing the flooring of the bathroom.

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3. Use sleek paintings or wall art to give the washroom a quirky look.

4. Instead of a mat, opt for a puffy rug in the washroom. This way it will give the bathroom an elegant touch!

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5. Onyx marble top looks great in the washroom!

Crystaline Stone

6. Use bold color like red in the washroom to create a statement.


7. Give the restroom a rustic look to cheer the place up!

8. A mosaic feature wall in the washroom will surely bring in real change.

9. Use wooden ladder in the washroom to store.

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