Post-Diwali Blues: 11 Stunning Home Makeover you can do with Fairy Lights


After the fervor of Diwali, backpedaling to the usual monotonous schedule is sufficient enough to bring down anyone’s spirits. An effective approach to cheer you up is to make something new and exciting, that you can look forward to! And what better way to cheer up your mood and house than fairy lights! Believe it or not, fairy lights can cheer up even the dullest of the corner of your house! So, what are you waiting for! Check out the rundown of 11 ways to reuse fairy lights in your home decor.

1. Make a gallery wall with all your favorite photos and frame it with fairy lights!

2. Turn a boring shelf into a new and quirky one by throwing fairy lights over.

3. Turn an ordinary glass jar into a new one by putting fairy lights into it.

4. Dazzle up large furniture pieces like mirror, bed, or sofa with fairy lights.


5. Or, make random patterns over the wall with these magical lights.

6. Fairy lights work wonder as a space divider.

7. Cheer up the indoor plants by placing fairy lights over them!

8. Chalk out your favorite word over the wall with lights.


9. Or, just pick some twigs from your garden and make a wall art using fairy lights and tree branch!

10. Cheer up a window nook with these twinkling lights.

11. Or, merely combine two wire basket to make it a sphere. Team it with fairy lights and experience the magic!

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