Do it the French Way: 10 Creative Ways to Embrace French Decor!


Be it the food, fashion, or interior; the French are likely to be the most stylish people of all. Naturally, their impeccable aesthetic sense of style extends to home decor as well! And we have decoded Parisian decor for you! With their exquisite relaxed and nonchalant style, Les français home is the perfect combination of subtlety and sophistication! Check out the 10 essential tips to style your home like a chic Paris home!

1. Cubism

Cubism is an art revolution lead by artists like Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, dating back to the 20th century. A spot of the vanguard art in your house is an unobtrusive gesture to the French, and you’ll see it in numerous Parisian condos and homes!

2. Embrace the Architecture

You may not live in a typical Haussmann-style condo with beautiful roof moldings, however whatever structural resources your house has, showcase them. Pick a paint that complements your floor and team it with a beautiful chandelier to complete the look!

3. Antiques

French loves antique pieces! Hence, having a vintage mirror in your home is a good idea! The rustic look of the vintage/antique piece will bring in the perfect amalgamation of history and elegance to your home.

4. Opt for Gold!

One thing that all French homes have in common is the glamorous touch of gold! A plated outline hanging over a chimney, a couple of table legs completed in antiqued gold… the alternatives are interminable. Ensure you have the Midas touch in each room in the house!

5. European Antiques

Opt for European antiques to give your home the much-needed French look!

6. Quite Palette

Bold, and bright hues have no place in a chic Parisian home—it’s all about subdued palettes that let the other elements of your home steal the show! Consider a monochrome plan of layers of dark with a hint of metallic or paint your walls in a pale green or warm cloth tint. Include little snapshots of shading using accents or craftsmanship.

7. Flowers

A French home will always have a bouquet of flowers! But don’t stress yourself into getting a fancy flower bouquet every day. Just pick random flowers and stems from your garden and put it in the vase!

8. A Pinch of Crystal

Handmade cutlery and crystal chandeliers are a must in any French home! Hence, having them around in your home is an excellent way to embrace Parisian decor.

9. Modernism

It is true that antique pieces hold a significant place in the Parisian home. But that doesn’t mean that modernism doesn’t hold a spot! Team up your antiques with edgy and streamlined modern furniture to make your home a true French condo.

10. Celebrate Beautiful Drapes

Parisian’s are not only romantic by heart, but they also love to display romance in their interior! Opt for lush and long curtains that flow onto the floor! They usually prefer silk curtains. However, you can also opt for any beautiful linen of your choice!

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