Daily Hacks: 5 Things that you Shouldn’t Dry Clean


Dry cleaning is bothersome! It’s costly, and usually is an unnecessary task for many of your favorite clothes! Read on to know what doesn’t needs to be dry cleaned!

1. Linen and Cotton

As long as your cotton and linen pieces aren’t embellished, these fabrics can be machine washed.

2. Cashmere

Most of the cleaning chemicals are harsh. Hence, fabrics like cashmere and mohair ought to be hand washed at home. Use a mild cleanser and rinse with cool water to ensure a long life of these fragile fabrics.

3. Durable Synthetic Fiber

Durable synthetic fibers like polyester, acrylic, and nylon can easily be hand washed. You can also put it on the delicate cycle of the washing machine. Ensure to hang dry to prevent it from wrinkling.

4. Light Colored Silks

Most light colored silk items can be hand-washed at home! However, in case you’re uncertain, surrender it over to the cleaning experts.

5. Denim

Denim can easily be washed in the machine! However, in case you are unsure, leave the task to the experts!

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