Light. Camera. Action — 4 Ways to Infuse The Classic Hollywood Regency Decor


The glitz, glam and big-time drama– the royal Hollywood regency appeared amid the heyday of Hollywood’s legendary stars — think Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, and the sumptuous Art Deco-inspired film sets in the 1930s. The sets were made with gaudy accents that highlighted tall white plaster floor lights, dressing tables and sofas upholstered in outwardly rich silk or velvet.

Hollywood Glam Decor

The Hollywood Regency is not a look known for subtlety, nor for people who like minimalist or simple decor. Rather, it’s tied in with transforming the space into a show-stopper of extravagance, style, and personality. Saying that you don’t need to be a silver screen star with a net worth of multi-million dollars to infuse a tad of old-fashioned Hollywood style to your home. So, brace yourself to get into the roller coaster of glitz, glam, and gold of the Hollywood Regency style with the help of our in-house expert:

What is the Hollywood Regency Style of Decor?

Hollywood Glam Decor

The Hollywood Regency style is actually a mix of several decor movements. “As opposed to the trending minimalist approach, the Hollywood Regency decor is a vintage style that boasts its glamorous aspect by utilizing chandeliers, luxe textures like silk, velvet and more,” says our expert. A hanging chandelier, faux fur rug, a lavish chaise lounge, an exquisite bronze artsy piece on a table-top can seem a little out of space, alone. However, together they create a breath-taking view cultivated by the old Hollywood.

What kind of color is used in this style?

Hollywood Glam Decor

Although the black and white movies we use for inspiration may not provide an insight into the usage of colors, however, color is an extremely important aspect to achieve this look. The Hollywood style decor has a wide use of jewel tones like regal blues, splendid reds, polished golds, emerald greens, and more. “Additionally, the Hollywood Regency boasts of the usage of tufted nail-head upholstery in furniture pieces like sofas, headboards, or even a wing chair,” says our expert.

What kind of personality can dwell in it?

Hollywood Glam Decor

Hollywood Regency is an ideal style for a younger generation as they can mix both vintage and modern, and have them live in harmony. Regardless of whether you adore sharp lines, you can, in any case, use something like a high-lacquered Queen Anne chair. For people who want to mirror the experts, but find the price of a vintage furniture piece too over the top, can begin with smaller accessories and furniture pieces like lights or side tables. To create balance, infuse some vibrant hues and layer in some chinoiserie pieces as a part of the art and accessories.

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