10 Sneaky Ways to Create Visual Space!


Whether you live in a comparatively small space, or your home is too piled up with things’ space has always been a major pain point! However, that doesn’t mean that you need to put up with it! There are several ways to create that extra space without even undergoing a major renovation.

Check out the 10 sneaky tips that will fool the eyes.

1. Lucite Furniture

Lucite furniture is all that rage this season! And, most importantly, it helps your place to open up by creating the illusion of space. Moreover, Lucite furniture doesn’t act like an obstruction, unlike other furniture, enhancing the flow of the room.

2. Low-Level Furniture

It’s time to toss away that big old furniture you have and opt for the low-level furniture. The low-level furniture creates the illusion of space by making the ceiling look taller.

3. Legged Furniture

Picking mid-century furniture with long legs and pared-back outlines will immediately make your home look bigger and spacious.

4. Mirror

Mirrors are an excellent way to make your home appear bigger! Just place the mirror in one corner of the room, and see how the look of the room changes.

5. Window Facing Sofa

When you place a sofa facing the wall, it might make space look cramped. However, putting a sofa facing the window, it makes space look brighter and bigger.

6. Curtain Rods

Instead of placing the curtain rods right above the window, place it near the ceiling to give the room a grand look and also make it appear spacious.

7. Invisible Shelves

Opt for hidden shelves instead of the usual ones to create an illusion of space in your home.

8. Corner L-Shaped Sofa

Most of the people forget to utilize the corners of their home. Place an L-shaped sofa in the corner to use the corners.

9. Light

Believe it or not, nothing makes your home look bigger than sunlight in the room! So, open up the windows!

10. Stay Organized

Remove all the clutter and keep your stuff organized to make your home appear spacious!

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