11 Colors that you will be Decorating with in 2017

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Every year some color trends dominate the timeline. And so does 2017! So, what are you waiting for? Check out the color trends that we have carefully curated for you, to give your home the much-needed makeover!

1. Blue

Blues are anchoring colors...and give us reason to calm down a bit.

Bring in the sky to your home by going blue. The color blue is an anchoring color and gives us a sense of calm. One of the popular color when it comes to home decor, blue represents trust, loyalty, and wisdom, encouraging a healthy living in the house.

2. Orange-Red/ Rustic Red

Flame is an orange-red

This color resemblance warmth and adds energy to any dull room. It is believed that the warm color boosts confidence, tickles your creative mind, and carries good luck.

3. Green

Greenery is an apple or grass-toned colour

Green represents nature! The color represents wealth, harmony, freshness, and encourages fresh start.

4.Hazelnut Brown


Go for hazelnut brown to add an earthy look to your home!

5.Hot Pink

Island Paradise desk with Pink Yarrow curtains.

Add some fun to your home with Pink. If you don’t want to paint your home with pink, then just add a hot pink colored chair or curtains! The pink color represents compassion, love, and care.

6.Lapis Blue

Lapis Blue

Lapis blue decor would sooth your soul and is meant to inspire, and boost sincerity and spirituality in you.

7.Niagra Blue

Niagara is another calming blue is the perfect colour for the bedroom.

Another shade of blue, this amazingly charming color is the perfect hue for your bedroom.

8.Pink Yarrow

A shade of pink, this hue is going to make your home a paradise!

9.Primrose Yellow

Primrose yellow

One of the brightest colors, primrose yellow, will brighten up your mood and any dull room!

10.Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the colors that is going to dominate 2017. Get this hue in your home to make it appear prettier.

11.Velvet Paint

velvet-look paint

Go for velvet paint if you want your home to reflect royalty!