11 Incredibly Cheap Ways to Decorate a Boring Wall


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While we spend relentlessly on getting new furniture and appliance at home, what most of us miss out is the walls. And, it’s time you bring an end to those boring white walls and put them to life! Check out these incredibly cheap and effective ways to decorate a wall.

1. Washi Tape Pattern Wall


Washi tapes are amazing! Use them to style up the walls. Plus point: you can make your patterns out of it.

2. Kitchen Art Gallery


Why leave the kitchen walls empty? Add some funk to them with a kitchen art gallery. The pictures could be anything related to food or quotes on food.

3. Bright Wall Hanging


Quirk up any dull walls by adding a bright and distinct wall hanging!

4.Graffiti Wall


If you are looking to add in color to the boring walls, then what better than a graffiti wall!

5.Artsy Bookshelf


Get a signature wall mounted bookshelf to enhance the look of the wall.

6.Photo Gallery


Photo gallery is a cool way to decorate a boring wall. Make a photo frame collage in one of the walls, and give your home a personal touch!

7.Rustic Wood Wall

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Give your home a much-needed makeover with a rustic wood wall!

8.Vintage Mirror


A vintage mirror can change the look of the most boring walls, and how!

9.Textured Wall


Textured walls are a win-win when it comes to changing a boring wall.

10.Inspirational Quotes


What better could it be to see some inspirational quotes right in one of the walls!

11.Geometric Wall


Geometric patterns are all ‘in’ this season! Get one of the walls in this pattern.

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