15 Home Decor Trends That Are Going All Viral


Every year there are new trends regarding home decor that goes viral! While 2016 was all about woven wall hangings and Scandinavian-inspired interiors, 2017 brings you faux finish and entryway style. And this year there are 15 home decor trends that are spreading like wildfire!

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1. Instead of the usual bedside table, stack up some old suitcases to give it a customized look! 

2. Drying clothes on the balcony doesn’t look that great. Instead, keep a separate laundry room or utility area in the house where you can wash as well as dry off clothes.

3. Keep a rack in the house so that you hang bags, coats, and shoes on it.  

4. The staircase area is the last thing that comes to our mind in terms of decor. However, our stylist says that if you have enough space, then think of decorating the area. For instance, in the room pictured below, the designer has used the empty under-the-staircase space to place a seating cum storage bench. 

5. Keep your bathroom sorted with under the sink storage.

6. Turn an ordinary window into an extraordinary one by placing a sitting cum storage unit in front of it.

7. A linen closet in the bathroom is an excellent way to keep the area clutter-free.

8. A little bit of green is always good!

9. When it comes to maintaining a bar in the kitchen, opt for a vertical bar storage.

10. Chalkboard paint is all that rage in the home decor domain. Paint one of the walls in the house and write down whatever you love!

11. Have a separate pantry area in the kitchen to keep all the ingredients sorted.

12. Use a combination of warm and neutral tone in the house to give your home a beautiful makeover!

13. Round mirror is the trend this year!

14. Faux finish in your home will look great.

15. Give your home the much-needed transformation with pink accents!

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