4 Ingenious Tips to Make your Balcony Cozy this Winter


With winter knocking the door, it’s a great opportunity to deck up your balcony. However, just because the days are getting shorter and nights are becoming longer, doesn’t mean your balcony needs to transform into a no man’s land.

There are various ways to make your balcony into a comfortable getaway to unwind with a cup of piping hot tea or a glass of wine. Sounds interesting?

We have assembled four ingenious tips to set up the perfect balcony decor! Check it out here:

1. Keep it Green

Keep your balcony green and beautiful with low-maintenance plants! You can also add hanging planters in the windows to make your home appear fresh and beautiful.

2. Light it Up

Just because it becomes colder in the night, it doesn’t mean you can’t spend time on your balcony! Cheer it up with fairy lights and aromatic candles to create a cozy ambiance. Additionally, you can also repurpose an old chandelier to keep up the holiday spirit.

3. Furnish it

Ensure your furniture is prepared to withstand the winter. Opt for sturdy furniture so that it can sustain all types of weather conditions. Team it up with bright colored throws and pillows to complete the look.

4. Add your Unique Touch

Last but not the least, add pictures and decor elements you love to give your balcony a personalized and unique look!

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