4 Ways To Give Your Home An Authentic Rajasthani Feel

If you’re looking to give your home an ethnic make-over, there are many ideas that you can borrow from the rich colors and intricate crafts of the Rajasthani culture. Here are a few simple ways to welcome the beauty of this fascinating desert state into your home.

But we must warn you in advance. Do prepare yourself for the overwhelming compliments that you receive from family and friends who come to visit!

1. Invest In Low-lying, Intricately Carved Furniture

Courtesy: etoffe 

Rajasthani furniture is mostly close to the ground and stands out because of its intricacy and attention to detail. Give your home a striking Rajasthani feel with a low diwan, a chest of drawers and nesting tables, all carved in incredibly ornate and elaborate motifs.

Think of adding a rustic chest that truly captures the essence of the culture, to the foot of your bed, to stow away extra blankets and pillows in. And if you have the luxury of space in your living room, you can even add a traditional swing to give your interiors a regal touch. And last but not the least, add mirrors framed in the oh-so-Rajasthan ‘Jharokha’ frames to complete the look.

2. Play With Colorful Furnishings And Fabrics

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Rajasthan is all about colors and you can never go wrong with the exquisitely crafted fabrics and furnishings in the most vivid shades of pink, red, yellow and blue, that the state is world-renowned for. Whether it’s in the Bandhej curtains, the Leheriya tapestry or the soft and delicate block-printed Dohars, you will find a little bit of Rajasthan in all of its textiles.
Brighten your home with the eye-catching cushion covers, table- runners, bed-spreads and pillow cases made with the lush, brightly-hued fabrics, embellished with stunning mirror-work and exquisite craftmanship, and be prepared to stun your guests.

3. Decorate With Rajasthani Artifacts

Courtesy: treebo

Hang a pair of the colorful Rajasthani string puppets and create beautiful groupings on your side tables with the delicately hand-crafted figurines of camels and elephants, to let the rich culture of the land surround you. You can also display a few miniature vintage paintings depicting ancient stories of Rajasthani kings and queens to complement the look.

4. Bring Home Jaipur’s Brilliant Blue Pottery


Courtesy: aureablupottery

The state’s eye-catching blue pottery can make for an excellent conversation starter, should you decide to bring it out when hosting dinners at home. The pottery that gets its name from the brilliant blue dye that is used to color it, is decorated with motifs, flowers and animal figures and ranges from mugs, bowls and plates to decorative tiles, boxes and vases. Not only will you be adding a touch of Rajasthan to your dinner table, but will also support the local artisans of Jaipur engaged in the art for their livelihood.