5 Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper in your Home

Wallpapers can be truly magical décor elements! Just a few rolls of them and you can turn a dull and boring wall to a stunning work of art that enhances the décor all around it! They aren’t just easy on your pocket, but offer you with a wide variety of colors, designs and textures that you can choose from. And unlike paints, which limit your choice to just a color, wallpapers that come in so many prints, can set the tone of your entire décor. And the best part? You don’t need to limit their use to just walls!

Here are 5 other ways of getting creative with wallpapers and seeing them transform more than just walls! Interested? Keep scrolling then! We are sure you’d want to try these ideas in your home ASAP!

1. It’s not just paintings that can be framed and hung on walls. If you have leftover wallpaper from a home renovation project, then just have it framed and turn it into a piece of art! It can turn any dull wall into a visually appealing focal point!

2. Tired of staring at the same dresser for the past so many years. Give it a new lease on life by covering it in a fancy wallpaper. It won’t just give the piece a new look, it’ll make the entire space far more interesting.

3. How about trying wallpaper on something truly unusual, like a large clock, for instance, and set a new trend? Can’t believe it? See it for yourself!

4. Or, spruce up boring shelves by sticking wallpaper behind them and have them make not one, but several statements together.

5. Why not create a unique gallery wall of sorts by framing similar looking wallpapers and hanging them up together spanning a large wall and accessorizing the space around it to create a theme?