These 6 Indoor Plants are the Must-Haves of 2018!

With ‘reduce the carbon footprint’ revolution gaining momentum, it is becoming more crucial for us to incorporate a sustainable and organic approach towards life. One of the easiest ways to a sustainable life is by infusing indoor plants into our house.

Indoor Plant Trends for 2018

Indoor plants not only aids in the wellness by absorbing toxic chemicals but also is an excellent and inexpensive way to add instant color pop to your interior. Additionally, though they look expensive, you can get a wide array of indoor plants at a cheap price. All you got to do is to put them into pretty pots to add glitz to the greenery, and you have a moderately cheap approach to decorate, and also eliminate any toxic air in the room. So, to help you decorate as well as improve the indoor air quality, we bring you the top 6 indoor plants that are trending in 2018. Check it out:

Dwarf Fruit Trees:

You don’t need to have a huge garden to grow fruits. These minimal assortments won’t get too expansive for your room and can be brought outside when the climate is pleasant enough.

Meyer Lemons

Indoor Plant Trends for 2018

The Meyer Lemon is an excellent plant to have in! They blossom in winter, have an extremely wonderful smell, and boasts dazzling green foliage throughout the entire summer.

Vibrant, Patterned Foliage:

If plain green plants are too boring for you, then opt for vibrant patterned foliage! Check it out:

Calathea Freddie

Indoor Plant Trends for 2018

If you are looking to add vibrant patterns in your home, then Calatheas is the one for you. This plant needs a combination of both indirect and moderate sunlight. Hence, choose a bright yet shaded spot in the house to keep it. Place the plant in the east or a west-faced window. You can also put it in the bathroom if the area receives sunlight.

Aquatic Plants:

If you are too lazy to water the plants, then opt for indoor aquatic plants. This way, you don’t need to worry about over or under watering them. Aquatic plants are a great way to bring life to any dull corner of the house.

Marimo Moss Balls

Indoor Plant Trends for 2018

Found in freshwater lakes, Marimo is actually a fuzzy ball of filamentous green algae. Apart from being super cute, the Marimo Moss Balls are easy to take care of as they don’t require much of sunlight to grow.

Amazon Sword Plant

Indoor Plant Trends for 2018

Commonly found in aquariums, the Amazon Sword plant is a low-maintenance aquatic plant boasting green leaves and possessing strong roots.Place it in a water-filled jar with pebbles to deck up your home.

Colorful Plants:

Keeping a plain green plant is boring these days! Instead, branch out your vision to more colorful and vibrant indoor plant options. Check out the two options, we picked for you:

Pink Princess Philodendron

Indoor Plant Trends for 2018

If you are looking for an indoor plant that is easy to grow and maintain, then the Pink Princess Philodendron is for you. The striking pink colored leaves seem like someone has splashed paint over them!

Tri-Color Oyster Plant

Indoor Plant Trends for 2018

Also called Moses in the Cradle, this little magnificence has brilliant and purplish striped leaves, which are truly striking. It works both inside and out and is anything but difficult to deal with. It needs medium to bright light and water once per week or two.

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