7 Basic Decor Rules to Decorate your Home


Planning decor of a home could be quite a task! With so many upcoming trends and social media posting pretty room pictures, it becomes tough to settle on a certain style. On top of that, home decor is something that is completely design and layout perspective. But, don’t you worry, we’ve got your back on this!

Check out these seven basic rules of decorating that will have your home interior sorted.

1. The Rule of Thirds

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A photography term, the ‘rule of thirds’ applies to interior design as well. Objects, when arranged in three number, and in a triangular pattern makes it look visually appealing, and way more effective!

2. Never Push Furniture Against the Wall!


Many do have a tendency to push furniture against the wall. However, this just makes space look cramped and cluttered. Instead, keep some space behind the furniture to give an illusion of space in the room. This way your room will instantly turn into a warm and fuzzy den!

3. Layered Lighting


We all know how important light is when it comes to making a room bigger and brighter! However, having any light isn’t going to make the room look brighter. Rooms with a single light source might make it look two-dimensional and boring. Go for layered lighting to create a dramatic impact. Additional lights like a floor lamp or a table lamp will surely elevate the overall appearance of the room.

4. Consider the Ceiling


Probably the most ignored space in the chamber, ceiling plays a major role in home decor. Place an interesting wallpaper in the ceiling of the room and see how it magically changes the entire look of the room!

5. Room’s Focal Point

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While planning the decor of each room, you need to know the focal point of that particular room. A focal point of a room is the place where your eyes instantly get attracted to! Many rooms do come with a central point like a french window with a beautiful view or so. All you have to do is to identify the key area of the room and decorate it accordingly.

6. Adding a Personal Note


Your home must reflect your personality! You should always feel home-like the moment you step into the house. Start by adding pictures, and things related to your hobbies and wish.

7. Comfort

Comfort is a BIG aspect of home decor! No matter what, investing in a comfortable furniture that is reliable and ensures utmost comfort is the key to home decor.

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