7 Ways to Infuse Tribal Decor in your Home

Decor trends are fast moving – once the season is gone, the decor theme goes out of fashion! Hence, it is always better to opt for a decor trend that is here to stay for long. One among such trend is the tribal-themed decor. From Aztec prints to enlivening pieces roused by tribes from across the globe, this segment has multitudinous choices which one can infuse into their homes effortlessly. Intriguing, gritty and wild – tribal decor is a must-have decor trend!

Check out the 7 ways to infuse tribal decor into your home:-

1. Colors

Color is a crucial component in tribal-themed decor. For a striking tribal appeal, opt for warm earthy tones like sandy yellow, warm brown, burnt orange, cream, black, red with white and charcoal.

2. Textures

Tribal decor calls for usage of textures like jute, timber, faux fur, leather and bone accents. You can use these textures in the form of furniture and linens. For instance, a timber dining table teamed with neutral colored chairs is a great way to infuse tribal decor into your home. Additionally, you can also decorate the chairs with mud cloth pieces for a more refreshing look.

3. Prints

Prints are an essential piece of this style, and vivacious prints like Aztec, Animal, and Ikat can be delightful increments. In case you are not willing to spend much, incorporate the prints into smaller forms. For instance, opt for Aztec, animal or ikat printed cushion covers.

4. Green Footprint

Another way to infuse tribal decor is by introducing greens in the form of plants and emerald green in the form of accents!

5. Key Furniture

Incorporate furniture like a chest of drawers and Bamileke side table, and inlaid bone Aztec chest of drawer to infuse tribal decor into your home.

6. Floor Coverings

Use bright-colored rugs or floor covering in prints like Ganado, Ikat, and Aztec, and mix it with other components like wood and metal for that perfect tribal chic look. Dark colored furniture or bamboo furniture would supplement the tribal feel and the little stylistic layout components and frill.

7. Homewares and Accessories

Infuse tribal accessories like weave basket lights, tribal masks, chevron basket planter, dream catchers, spirit sticks, and hanging rattan chair to achieve the look.

Urmi Sengupta

Urmi Sengupta

A globetrotter by heart and wordsmith by profession!