A Match Made in Heaven – Pantone’s Playful Color Palette

With the hustle bustle of the city life, increasing work pressure and responsibility, it becomes really tough for us to find some ‘me-time’ to relax and rejuvenate our mind, soul, and body. Chances are, you may wind up circling throughout the day, attempting to comprehend everything! But, that doesn’t mean that you stop enjoying the tiny details of life. To help you find happiness in the home, Pantone has revealed its playful palette that is both fun and bold!

From Lime Popsicle, Minion Yellow, to Green Flash, and Blue Skydiver, Pantone’s playful palette is one of a kind! These colors boast a sense of impenitent style whose sole aim for existing is to entertain and enchant.

Scroll down to know more about these utterly fun and quirky color trend!

1. Neon Entrance

This neon colored door is everything a decor enthusiast dreams about. The shocking colored door acts as the statement piece, whereas the neutral tone of the wall, brings a sense of balance into the room.

2. Pop Yellow Furniture


Bring an instant sense of charm to any boring corner of the house with a bright yellow colored furniture. The bright hues of the furniture bestow a fearless spirit in the room.

3. Colorful Artwork and Bold Blues

Vivid work of art, a striking blue divider, and splendid yellow linen acquire all the correct components to this energetic room. In case you’re simply toying with including some more fun-loving hues into your resting haven, you can’t turn out badly with a dynamic painting!

4. Chaotic Peace


This room is a ‘dream come true’ moment for all color enthusiast! The bright colored chairs and cushions bring up the fun factor of the room, whereas the white walls and the wicker pendant light balances the entire decor.

5. Hello, Sunshine!

Most of us never use yellow in the dining room. Contradicting to this thought, yellow can be matched with several colors and textures. In case you are looking to embrace a boho look, Yellow is your go-to color!

6. Vivid Patterns


Who said paint and wallpaper are the best way to bring color into your space? Include some color pop with a yellow couch. In case you’re searching for something with less responsibility, then why not cover the couch with graphic print cushion covers.

7. Statement Piece

The kitchen is the heart of the house, yet, not many pay much heed in terms of the decor of the area. Sprinkle some spice in the form of a bright and unique painting to uplift the spirit of the kitchen.

8. Tropical Splash


From a quirky wallpaper, the mismatched furniture pieces, wicker pendant light, to the bright colored flower – we are totally in awe of this dining room! The combination of the yellow and black chair is a bold move, however, the white interior equalizes the room.

9. Boho Yellow

Relax your boho spirit with a dash of yellow curtains. On one hand, the yellow curtain goes well in contrast with the blue colored couch and the kilim; on the other hand, the wall art and the guitar bestows a personal touch to the room.

10. Lime Green Bathroom

Is the bathroom interior giving you serious eyesore? Transform the space by adding color to the bathroom shelves with a relaxing shade of green and adorn it with yellow accents.

11. A Fresh Scandinavian Touch

Make your kitchen time fun with shades of yellow and black. The fresh pink adds the much-needed break from the monotony.

12. Disrupt with Color Pop!

In case you don’t want to work much on the decor, brew color pops in the form of a lampshade or a pendant light.

13. Refreshing Lime Backsplash

We usually don’t use green in the kitchen. But, this lime colored backsplash breaks the stereotype, making the kitchen look breathtaking.

14. Doodled Wall

The doodled wallpaper teamed with the bright yellow couch, and the gray floor rug makes this living room playful in true sense!