Are you Making these 10 Room Arrangement Mistakes?

Has it ever occurred to you, when you walk into a beautiful room and feel that there’s something wrong with it? It has happened to me a lot! Most of the people arrange their place in a wrong way, giving out an incomplete vibe from the room. Trust me, decorating is not an easy task, especially when you have to decide on what furniture to buy, and where to put them up! But, don’t you worry, we have got your back! Check out the 10 most common mistakes you are making while arranging your room!

1. Furniture Against the Walls

Most of the people make the mistake of pushing their furniture pieces to the wall! This, in turn, gives very little space for the furniture to breathe, making space appear claustrophobic.

Solution: Hence, we suggest you pull the furniture from the walls to make the space more lively and cheerful. Moreover, doing so will add balance throughout the room!

2. Blocked Window

Light is imperative in any room! At the point when the light is blocked, it influences the space to feel little, more swarmed, and dingier.

Solution: When in doubt you need to abstain from placing things in front of the windows. In any case, if you have the floor to roof windows this can be precarious. In a situation where you have to put furniture before the window ensure you amplify what normal light is left through smart utilization of mirrors and artificial lights.

3. Too Many Furniture Pieces in a Room

Swarming a room with several furniture pieces or decor makes the space to look befuddled, and none of the furniture pieces will get the consideration they merit.

Solution: We suggest, focus on one piece and arrange the rest of the decor elements around it!

4. Forgetting to Divide the Room

Most of the people forget to zone out their living room as per the activities.

Solution: If you own a large living room, then bring balance by building up zones for various activities. For instance, divide the living room into a seating area, and TV/entertainment area, and a work territory with a work area or table and chair. Set up your space as per your necessities!

5. Organizing the Sitting Area

Sitting area is the most critical aspect of a living room. And most of the people make mistakes while setting up space!

Solution: Arrange your furniture in a way, so that your guests don’t have to speak loudly, fit forward, or crane their necks to have a regular discussion. Hence, while arranging furniture, always ensure that the couch and chairs should be facing each other to some extent!

6. More than One Focal Point

It is known to all that each room must have a focal point because it helps in making a characteristic territory to put furniture around. At times it normally happens in the room and in some cases you need to make it yourself.

Solution: In any case, the most critical thing to recall is that you just need one focal point in a room. Rooms with more than one focal point look cluttered and can befuddle to the eye. Hence, always keep a single focal point in a room.

7. Free Traffic Flow in the Room

Many times while arranging the room, you disrupt the walkway of the room!

Solution: While arranging the furniture in a room, you must always remember about the ease of moving in and around the furniture pieces. Nobody should need to climb over or stumble over the furniture, or even need to pass through a complex way while moving. Ensure you’ve left space for clear strolling ways.

8. Lights

Lights are one of the most critical elements of your home! However, many ignore this fact and just settles themselves with a regular tube light or bulbs.

Solution: It is time you think of lights. Instead of the regular lights invest in a unique table lamp that goes with your couch, or a reading lamp next to the bookshelf to add mood to your room. You can also opt for spotlights or fluorescent lights!

9. Oversized Furniture

Many have this notion: the bigger, the better! However, that is not the case when it comes to furniture. Avoid using oversized furniture pieces as they might make the room appear smaller!

Solution: Think before you invest in an over-sized furniture as they tend to consume spaces! Hence, don’t overlook small furniture pieces! A massive couch can only fit into a single place in a room. However, a small furniture piece can fit different spots.

10. Ugly Furniture Pieces

Nothing makes a room feel awkward than an ugly piece of furniture.

Solution: So while you stroll into a room you see an ugly or unattractive back on furniture, reconsider your plan. For instance, a chair with an ugly back can be covered with a beautifully designed texture.