From the Experts Desk: 8 Basic Rules to Design your Kid’s Room

Decor trends of a kid’s room have changed every year. If you are a parent to a youngster above 3, he/she will happily let you know how they want their room to look like. But, no matter what, you can never ignore the significance the decor rules hold while you and your little one plan the interior and the color pallets! Saying that check out the 8 basic design rules our expert vouch for when it comes to decorating a kid’s room!

1. Allow your Child to Select from the Color Pallet

It’s your baby’s room! Hence, letting him/her choose the color pallet is a great way to start planning your child’s room! Your Child might not select a color that goes with the rest of the house, you can give him/her a selected range of colors that you want your kid to choose from.

2. Avoid the Theme Look

Your kid might love certain animated characters, or be latched upon on the latest decor trend, but that doesn’t mean that you have to paint their room on the same theme. In case, your baby wants it; you can get bed sheet, books, and toys of his favorite character!

3. Choose Eco-Friendly Materials

Goes without a saying, use eco-friendly materials in your kid’s room to create a natural, safe nest for the little one. Materials like Low-VOC (volatile organic compound) latex paint, wooden furniture (not fiberboard and plywood) and cotton linens shall be used!

4. Flooring Materials

Furthermore, adding to the previous point on using eco-friendly materials, our experts suggest promoting a healthy living environment by opting for hard floors. Floor covering materials like woolen carpet attracts a lot of dust and mites, resulting in a hazardous environment!

5. Invest in Unique Pieces

While choosing the furniture, always think of multi-purpose items! Check if a toddler’s bed can be turned into a unique styling piece that could work in other rooms of the house!

6. Quirky Accessories

You don’t need to spend a fortune to spice up your kid’s bedroom! Just throw some cute pillows, and stuffed toys, wall art to quirk up the room.

7. Study Area

Although a preschool goer might not need a study area, when your tiny one grows up, he/she will need one. Hence, it is advised to set up a study area in the kid’s bedroom!

8. Storage

Every room needs to have a proper storage unit! Hence, set up a storage unit in your kid’s room so that all the toys and the nitty gritty can be taken care of!

Urmi Sengupta

Urmi Sengupta

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