How to Decorate your Living Room Like an Expert


The living room is the most significant part of your home. It is the first thing that your guests see! Hence, you need to plan the decor of this room strategically. A beautiful living room has few things in common – They are well-decorated, elegant and reflects the personality and likeness of the residing family members.

Whether you’re searching for motivation to rearrange or merely need to give your living room a brisk revive, we bring you the 10 ingenious tips to decorate the perfect living room!

1. Earthy Color Pallet for Small Living Room

Don’t freak out if your living room is small! Use earthy and neutral color pallet to create the illusion of space. Moreover, earthy and neutral color shade bestows your tiny living room with a warm and cozy vibe.

2. Vibrant Colors for Big Living Room

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The color pallet is the most critical aspect while decorating any room! And if you have a big living room, then we suggest using vibrant colors like citrus, mustard, orange, and forest green to make your room appear grand and lively! However, the trick to using bright colors in your living room or any room is that your furniture must go well with the color palette of the room.

3. Create the Illusion of Height

Regardless of whether you have a small living room, or if the room doesn’t have much of height, then we suggest you opt for low-level furniture. This way you will be able to create the illusion of height in a small room.

4. Window Frame

If your living room carries only a single color tone, then we suggest you change the color of the window frame. This will add the much-needed quirk to your living room!

5. Mirror

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A mirror is something that usually people don’t keep in their sitting room. However, we suggest you keep a mirror in a small living room to create the illusion of space.

6. Comfortable Furniture

The next important aspect to take care while decorating a living room is ‘furniture.’ Make sure you have comfortable lounging furniture in your living room.

7. Neutral with Texture

Bring some fun to the neutral color pallet with textures. Adding a textured wall in your living room will help in setting the mood of the room.

8. Paint it All

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Or, just keep things simple and use a soft pastel shade for your living room!

9. A Touch of Silver and Gold

If you are looking for a royal living room, then what better option to go for than the silver and gold combination! However, this doesn’t mean that you need to paint your room with this color. Add the shimmer in the form of accessories!

10. Pillows

Add some pillows to the sofa to make your living room appear warm and cozy!

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