Which Kitchen Best Suits your Personality

The kitchen is the heart of the house— it’s the place where all the get together takes place! The kitchen is the engine that runs a family. And this significant room of the house speaks a lot about who you are! Hence, it must match your style, not merely in the way it looks, but rather by the way it feels when you use it. So, what are you waiting for?
Find your perfect match!

1. Classic Kitchen

Conventional and graceful, however never dull — Classic kitchens never go out of style! People who love classic kitchen are productive and a methodical cook. Modern day’s classic kitchen configuration is the perfect amalgamation of wood framing, heritage hues, and modern appliances, which work in culminate amicability with your kitchen style.

2. Modern Kitchen

Invigorated, exploratory and on the bleeding edge of the trend, a modern kitchen is everything that is hot right now! You’re not a cook; you’re a researcher. Your kitchen is a play area for experimentation and breaking new ground, one that takes cues from the past and brings it into the 21st century!

Fueled by gas burners, your kitchen races into the future with different broilers and unusual ingredients! This kitchen is your universe, and your manifestations are as energizing as you seem to be, with the same eccentric appeal.

3. Country Kitchen

For somebody as casual and laid back as you seem to be, high tech appliances like Wi-Fi enabled refrigerator, and voice-enacted microwaves are quite bothersome than they’re worth. However, this shouldn’t imply that you’re stuck in past times!

The kitchen is your definitive safe place. It must be comfortable, inviting and brimming with all the yummiest treats you can think of. “Ah, it feels good to be back home” is your mantra, and yours is the sweetest home there is.

4. Entertainer

The entertainer is somebody who loves to hang out with family and friends and have them over for drinks and dinners. As an entertainer, your kitchen ought to be comfortable, vivid, welcoming and warm. You can enrich your kitchen with bright flowers, vibrant greens, and exuberant fine arts. Brilliant tea towels and floor coverings, inviting lights, and interesting accessories like red barstools can be great picks for your kitchen.

5. Artist

For those of you with an artistic energy, a kitchen which is somewhat off the beaten track can be great. Present something one of a kind or innovative which influences your cooking asylum to emerge from the rest with élan. Watch how the kitchen presented above accompanies backsplashes which are varieties of shades and examples. It is an impression of the proprietor’s creative energy and imagination.

Urmi Sengupta

Urmi Sengupta

A globetrotter by heart and wordsmith by profession!