10 Enchanting DIY String Light Ideas for your Home


If you think that string lights are only for the festive times, then your assumption is about to change! Available in different color, shape, and size, string lights can spruce up any dull corner of your house.

String light, when hung alone, bestows a minimalist look best-suited for industrial spaces or city lofts. Additionally, these magical lights can likewise be used as a lighting source for lamps, artworks, and more.

So, if you are in love with string lights, then we have jotted down these 10 awesome DIY string light ventures that will liven up your home in no time!

1. Colorful Globe String Lights

 You Are My Fave

Create your own globe string lights with light bulbs, cheesecloth, mod podge, and fabric dye.

2. Lighted Snow Globe Terrarium


Bring the magic of snow by creating this string light globe terrarium. All you need is a glass jar, fake snow or cotton, winter figurines like Santa Clause, rain deer, and white colored string lights.

3. Lighted DIY Rope Decor

A Merry Mishap

There’s something amazing about string lights that makes everything magical! Make this DIY rope light decor to add spark to a dull corner.

4. Spray Painted Christmas Lights


A coat of fresh paint can make things seem so much better! Turn an old string light into a quirky one with a mere help of spray paint.

5. Electrified Fox Lamp


If you are totally in love with animal figurines then this DIY is for you! Make this super cute Fox lamp with LED lights, stuffed animal, fabric stiffener, and thread.

6. Yarn Wrapped Lights

Add spark to the fairy light string by wrapping it up with colorful yarns. Place it in an artsy manner to cheer up the room’s mood.

7. Star Light Garland


Bring in the magic of night sky by making this beautiful starlight garland! All you need is a white paper, string light, and paper cutter.

8. Cupcake Flower Lights


Give your fairy lights a sweet makeover with cupcake wrappers, a scissor, and string light.

9. Wine Bottle Lights


This is probably one of the most sought-after DIYs! To make this DIY you need a wine bottle (of course!), glue gun, and string lights.

10. Flameless Fire Pit


Create a customized fire pit with string lights, twigs, and stones!

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