10 Inexpensive Ways to make your Garden a pure Bliss!


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We all love to enjoy our time in the garden. But, beautifying a garden can be a tiresome and expensive task!

Take a look at these 10 inexpensive and utterly easy DIYs that will make your garden a living paradise:-

1. Tin Can Planter

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We all have empty tin cans at our home. So, why not make a planter out of it! Paint it to give it a fresh look!

2. Wine Bottle Torch


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Give your garden a warm look with wine bottle torch. These torches are easy to make, looks lovely, and also aids in getting rid of insects!

3. Old Containers


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Old containers have a charm of their own! Make planters out of them.

4. Pallet Planter


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Go vertical with pallet planter!

5. Ladder Planter


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This one is easy as pie! Make a planter out of an old ladder.

6. Wind Chimes out of Keys


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Make a wind chime that makes a statement. This key wind chime is totally adorable, isn’t it!

7. Cement Block Planter



A dull cement block planter can be turned into a pretty one, with just a touch of fresh paint!

8. Tire Planter


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Make use of an old tire into a planter.

9. Pocket Planter


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Make a pocket planter out of a gunny sack in no time!

10. String Lights


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Use string lights in the garden to make it look magical.

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