19 Ways to Use PVC Pipe and Create Something Amazing!


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What comes to your mind when you think of PVC pipeline? Used for hardware purpose? Well, we say that PVC pipes can be used to decorate your home! Sounds bizarre?

Well, take a look at these 20 DIYs you can create with PVC pipes to add in the oomph factor of your home!

1. DIY Shoe Rack

1.pvc shoe rack

As simple as it sounds, this PVC shoe rack is easy to make as well. Simply cut down the pipe into few pieces and just simply attach it with hot glue!

2.DIY Wine Storage

18.pvc pipe wine bottle holder

The cylindrical shape of PVC pipes is ideal for wine storage. Just cut them into halves and make it a wine cellar!

3.Wall Art

2.pvc pipe wall art

Make cute and funky wall arts with PVC pipes and give your home a new definition!

4.PVC Planter

4.pvc pipe outdoor planter

PVC pipes can also be used as a planter! Cut it into half or just detach one side of the same, PVC pipes makes into a cool planter!

5.Flower Vase

5.pvc pipe wall vases

Yes, you read it right! Make these fresh flower holder with PVC pipes. Simply just cut it into the required height you want, block one of the ends to prevent water leakage, and paint it with your favorite color!

6.Table Clock

6.pvc pipe clocks

Well, this is something that you can gift your loved one! Make these desk clocks out of PVC pipes with the basic clock requirements.

7.Door Wreath

7.pvc pipe door wreath

Who says that wreaths are only for Christmas? Make this unique door wreath to give your home a new look!

8.PVC Floor Lamp

8.pvc pipe table lamp

It’s amazing how a simple pipe that is only used for hardware purpose can be turned into such beautiful lamps!

9.PVC Pipe Kid Recliner

9.pvc pipe kid recliner

Make this cute recliner for the little one with just PVC pipes and choice of cloth!

10.DIY Room Partition

10.pvc pipe partition wall

This DIY room partition made just out of PVC pipe is going to steal the show in your home!

11.DIY Table Organizer

11.pvc table organizer

Why invest in table organizers when you can make one! This PVC table organizer helps you store all the nitty-gritty of the table!

12.Pipe Table

12.pvc pipe table

Make this pipe table that can be used as a coffee table or place it near the door to store the nitty-gritty of your home!

13. PVC Pipe Laptop Stand

13.pvc pipe laptop stand

Why buy a laptop stand when you can make one on your own! These PVC pipe laptop stands are unique and beautiful!

14.PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holder

14.pvc pipe toothbrush holder

Use PVC pipes as toothbrush holders and give your washroom a quirky look!

15.PVC Pipe Succulent Planter

15.pvc pipe succulent planter

Make these cute succulent planters out of PVC pipe and just place it anywhere to highlight the area!

16.Unique Shelves

16.pvc pipe unique shelves

This shelf made out of large PVC pipe will promote industrial look to your home!

17.Wine Glass Holder

17.pvc pipe wine glass holder

Show off those pretty wine glass, with this DIY fun wine glass holder.

18.Drying Rack

19.pvc pipe drying rack

Or just make clothes drying rack out of the PVC pipe!

19.Hair Dryer and Straightener Holder

20.pvc pipe hair dryer holder

Or just use it to store your hair dryer!

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