3 Easy Steps to Transform Old Plastic Bottles into Attractive Holders


What do you do with an empty bottle of cold drink? Throw it away or just use it to store water? What if we tell you that there’s an easy way to recycle those bottles into really cool holders where you can store a lot of things! To know more read below.
All you need:


  • Plastic bottles (better if you use different colors, shapes, and sizes)
  • Knife or Cutter
  • Scissor (to shapely cut the rough ends)
  • Steam Iron (to smoothen the edges)
  • Rubber Band

Step 1:-
For starters, remove the bottle label. In case the label leaves some mark on the bottle, you can remove it by rubbing spirit on the affected. Place a rubber band on to the bottle and with the help of a marker.  Now start cutting the bottle with the help of a knife. The rubber band will help you cut the bottle in a line and avoid being messy.


Step 2:-
Now take the scissor/cutter and start trimming the rough edges of the bottle. Finally, place the bottle into the hot iron to make the edges smooth.





Step 3:-

And your bottle holder is ready! Use it to store makeup brush holder, stationery organizer, and toothbrush holders.

Feature image 2

Image and Idea Courtesy: A Little Craft In Your Day

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