6 Useful DIYs You Can Make With Felt

Felt is an affordable and simple to-utilize DIY material that you can make an entire cluster of things out of! From toys, pillows, cute bowls, to coaster, and table runner– the choices are unending!

We’ve gathered together an astounding 7 DIY felt projects for you to attempt your hand at! Check it out:

1. Felt Bowl

DIY using felt

Make a super cute bowl to keep tiny things like jewelry, change, and more. All you need for this DIY is a cut-out octagon pattern, scissors, pencil, and tape.

2. Felt Pillow

DIY using felt

This chic honeycomb-pattern pillow is a great addition to your couch. To make this DIY, simply cut out small hexagonal shapes out of the felt paper and sew them to the cushion cover. Use different colors of felt paper to make the pillow cover interesting.

3. Felt Coaster

DIY using felt

Why buy coasters when you can make them! Attach diamond patterns together to create this stunning coaster. Use different colored felt paper to create this look.

4. Felt Runner

Felt is a sturdy material that doesn’t get worn out easily. So, take advantage of this quality and turn it into a beautiful table runner. Make use of felt paper stripes to make this DIY.

5. Felt Pencil Roll

If you are a painter or have kids around, then this felt pencil roll is all you require! Simply fold the bottom edge of the paper 1/2 an inch and stitch it up to make this DIY.

6. Felt Rug

DIY using felt

Create a stunning floor rug using thick felt pads. Simply cut out circles from different color felt paper and attach it with the help of glue!

Urmi Sengupta

Urmi Sengupta

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