7 Clever Ways to Recycle Rain Gutter and Create Something Interesting



It’s always great to reuse and upcycle old things and make something new and exciting! And what better thing to recycle than rain gutter! Old rain gutters can be repurposed into many fascinating ventures for your home. Rain gutters are made of plastic and aluminum, making it an excellent element for DIY! Moreover, rain gutter can easily be reshaped with just basic tools!

The U-shaped feature of rain gutter gives you a lot of possibilities to create new things! Check out the 7 best DIYs made out of rain gutters.


Turn an old rain gutter into a chic planter in no time! Use the planter to grow herbs, and be assured that you will never run out of that extra speck of coriander!


The shape and size of rain gutters make it an ideal element for planters! Beautify your balcony with recycled rain gutter vertical planter.


Make use of rain drains to create a swank utility shelf! Use it to store all the miscellaneous things!


Or, just make a railing planter with rain gutters!


If you are running out of space to store shoes, then look no forward than rain gutters! Create a space-saving shoe rack with recycled rain gutter in no time!

6. Keep all your sewing items in place with a recycled thread organizer like this!

7. Or, just use them for bathroom storage!

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