8 No-Cost DIY Projects You Can Do

When you get tired of a corner, or a room, it’s anything but difficult to feel that you need to roll out an enormous improvement project or spend a significant amount to refresh the corner. Well, what if we say, you don’t! All you have to do is to get nifty with whatever crafting and recycling stuff you have at home and create something really amazing!

So, this end of the week, attempt these 8 DIY projects that will give an instant makeover to your home.

1. DIY an End Table

Be it in an entryway or towards the end of the hallway, an end table puts forth an elegant look. You can either build one or just recycle an old table into a classy end table. Up the class by adorning the table with a coat of fresh paint!

2. Recycle is the Key!

Recycle an old piece of decor element, for example, a vase using spray paint, hot glue, and ribbons. Use the lamp in any dull corner of the room to make it appear bright and sunny!

3. Add Bells and Whistles with Watercolor

Give that old piece of lampshade an eccentric makeover with just watercolors. Simply, soak a paintbrush in water, and draw a wavelike pattern around the base of the shade. Now, with the help of a soft and round paintbrush, softly dab the paints on the wet area of the shade. Remember, if you are using a paper lampshade, use watercolor paints. And for a fabric shade, use fabric paint!

4. Deck Up with Wall Art

Add a touch of glamour to the dull walls by making a hand-made wall art! This will not only be easy in your pocket but also will add your personal touch to the room!

5. Go on a Voyage with Planters

Small changes can bring in a lot of difference in your home! Be a craft goddess by recycling an old globe into a new planter. All you have to do is to cut the globe from the equator with the help of a utility knife, and voila, you have a new planter for your home!

6. Paint a Furniture

It can get really monotonous to use the same piece of furniture! Give it a twist by painting it with a fresh coat of color.

7. Frames on Display

Thrift stores and markets are usually stuffed with fine art. While the artwork may not suit your decor or taste, but the frames might catch your attention. So, dispose of the artwork and paint the frames in bright and quirky hues that match your style. Now, arrange the frames on a blank wall!

8. Stenciled Wall

Give your home the much-needed makeover with the help of a stencil! Use the stencil to create patterns on one of the walls (as painting the entire house is a big task!). In case you are looking for a subtle look, opt for a shade that is only a couple of shades lighter than the background color.

Urmi Sengupta

Urmi Sengupta

A globetrotter by heart and wordsmith by profession!