11 Best Hacks and Trends for Storage you Need to Know!


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Storage is a big issue for all of us. Be it a huge apartment, or a small one; space problem seems to be quite prevalent. And quite obvious that we have tried everything possible to make this issue solved, but have failed into it. Take a look at these 11 storage hacks that will blow your mind.

1.Storage Bed


Storage beds are a great way to store all the blankets and extra pillows.

2.Folding Table


Opt for a folding that you can use only when you need it, and can fold it back when not needed!

3.Kids Room Storage


Get a kids bed to store all the toys and story books.

4.Multipurpose Chair


Invest in a multipurpose chair/sofa that can also be used as a storage unit!

5.Floating Desk


Get a floating desk, so that it can be folded up when it is not needed.

6.Open Shelves

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Opt for open shelves in the kitchen to store all the spice containers.

7.Kitchen Storage


If you have a small kitchen, then build a rack like this to save space.

8.Metal Basket Shelf


Metal basket shelves are durable and a cheap option when it comes to storage.

9.Under Staircase Storage


When you think of space saving hacks, think of under stair space. Utilize the space under the staircase to make a closet or store books!

10.Plywood Box Storage Bed


Plywood box storage beds are affordable and a cheap option!

11.Pull-Out Cabinet Island

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A pull-out cabinet is the best solution when you are running short of space!

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