11 Refrigerator Hacks You Need To Try ASAP!

If the kitchen is the heart of a home, then the heart of a kitchen must definitely be the refrigerator. That one dependable companion we all can count on, for all those midnight hunger pangs! But more often than not, we don’t utilize our refrigerators to their full potential, and end up keeping them rather messy and unorganized. Well, it’s never too late! Let’s get your refrigerator organized and mess-free with these 11 cool refrigerator hacks you’ll wish you’d known earlier!

1. Have a ‘use me first’ box in the refrigerator and store items in it that are nearing their use-before dates, to reduce waste.

Source: inhabitat

2.  When running out of door space, store bottles upside-down in an egg carton cut in half.

3. Food spilling often leaves ugly marks on the shelves. Prevent them by spreading plastic wraps on the refrigerator shelves and change them once every few days

Source: Walmart

4. Use magnetic spice jars and stick them to the sides of your refrigerator and have it perform storage duty even on the outside!

Source: inhabitat

5. Make use of clear magazine holders to create extra shelf space in the fridge.

Source: iheartorganizing

6. Invest in clear organizing trays and baskets to keep everything visible and easy to access.

7. Put things in fabric shopping bags before you put them in the freezer. This way they’ll be easy to pull out when you need them.

Source: bigchill

8. Keep a snack basket (with a label) that your kids can have easy access to, when hunger strikes!

Source: brightside.me

9.  Organize different food groups in different baskets to keep them all organized, looking super-tidy, and easy to take out!

Source: Buzzfeed

10. Use stationary clips and clip bags underneath shelves to carve out extra storage space in your refrigerator.

Source: onecrazyhouse

11. Give your old refrigerator a new lease on life, just by painting it with chalkboard paint. Use it to write menus, your to-do lists and stuff you need to buy on your next trip to the grocery store.