7 Incredible Organizing Hacks with Hooks and Hangers


Every year, most of the people make this resolution – ‘to be more organized!’ But trust me, that never happens. And the result? We often find ourselves scanning for something we swear to have seen a few minutes back!

To help you out with this persistent issue, we’ve got you 8 mind-blowing ideas using hooks and hangers.

Take a look:

1. Stop searching your favorite scarf underneath your garments. Make a DIY organizer with 3 self-adhesive hooks, and keep it organized.

2. With the continuously increasing gadgets in our home, it becomes more and more difficult to organize the tangled wires. Keep all the cords organized by sticking self-adhesive hooks and loop the cords through it.

3. Keep the magazines organized with the help of garment hangers.

4. Keep the craft papers organized by recycling a multi-tier hanger! This way, your home will be clutter-free and also you can see all the craft papers at a sight.

5. If you love doing DIYs, then you must know the pain to keep the decorative ribbons organized. We suggest, recycle a hanger and use it to keep the ribbons sorted.

6. Keep the inside of the cupboard organized by installing hooks. This way you will be able to save the shelf place in the cabinet.

7. Keys are one of those easily-lost things! Instead, install a key holder with everyone’s name, and keep the keys sorted.

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