Get Creative: 11 Clever Ways to Play with Wires


With the ever-increasing clan of devices, it becomes difficult to keep your home clutter-free – thanks to the set of chargers and cable wires that comes along with every device or appliance! And trust me on this, these cables are making your home appear messy! So, what could be the possible solution to this issue? Throw away the chargers! Just kidding 😉

Check out the 11 clever ways to hide wires! Bonus point: These wire art will make your home appear pretty!

1. Cover up the ugly cables with a DIY stick-on fence!

2. Wires, when placed artfully can make your home appear prettier!

3. Or, braid a cord and make it beautiful! All you need is yarn and scissors.

4. Revamp a dull wire with beads.

5. Simple accessories like accent leaf clips will make the dullest of the cable a pretty one.

6. Or, just create a creative wall art with wires.

7. Spice up your headphone with yarns!

8. A simple washi tape is enough to make a dull wire into a pretty one.

9. How about this one?

10. Or just make a fire safe jute wrap for the charging cables.

11. How about a beaded headphone?

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