Get Organized: 7 Unique Ways to Store Spices

You most likely don’t invest a great deal of energy in organizing the spices. However, when you’re searching for that container of cardamom you haven’t used for some time, you end up taking a whole lot of time to search for that particular bottle! Regardless of whether you utilize a couple of spices each day or you’re a courageous cook who keeps an unending zest stash close by, these ideas will enable you to get organized and remain as such.

Check out the 7 unique ways to store spices:

1. Spice Jars All Together


2. Keep it in Test Tube

3. Magnetic Spice Jar on the Fridge


4. Go Vintage

5. Tic Tac Boxes

6. Unused Space Behind the Cabinet Door

7.Hang Them Up!

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