Sleep Tight: How to Turn your Bedroom into a Sleep Paradise


How many of you have trouble sleeping? I do! Time and again we overlook the significance a good sound sleep has on our well-being and happiness.

Now, you might be thinking what’s all the hubbub about sleeping, all you have to do is to switch off the light and fall asleep, right? However, the reality is entirely different! Several studies have proved that the environment you fall asleep has a significant impact on your sleep quality! Many turn a blind eye and continue to sleep in a messy room.

Hence, we bring you the 6 ingenious tricks to make your bedroom a sleep paradise! Read on to know more:

1. Calm Your Senses Down

The color you use on the bedroom wall plays a significant role in your sleep quality. Use soft shades like pastel, earthy, and neutral to set the sleep mood. You can also hang soothing paintings in your bedroom for a better sleep. Additionally, make sure your bed linen is clean because an ugly smelling bed is not something that you would like to sleep in!

2. Turn off Electronic Devices

Exposure to even the slightest of the light during your sleep hour affects your sleep cycle and wake up time. Hence, we suggest to turn down the lights and keep away your electronic devices from your bedroom to ensure a good sleep! Additionally, use blackout curtains in your bedroom to ensure that no light passes through.

3. Sleep Sound

This recommendation isn’t for everybody, except it has been found to help a lot of people facing trouble sleeping. The purpose is to focus on a sound that can calm you to rest. A sleep sound machine can make the delicate sound of a creek or wind passing through the woods. On the other hand, you can also concentrate on an efficiently existing surrounding sound, similar to the murmur of a ventilation system or the swish sound of the fan.

4. Good Mattress

One of the significant factor to consider for a sound sleep is a good mattress. Before buying the mattress, check for its quality, firmness, and maintenance procedure beforehand, so that you are well aware of what you are taking home. Additionally, you can also get a mattress topper to ensure a good sleep!

5. Room Temperature

Many have the habit of switching on the air conditioner the moment the summer sets! However, a few simple methods like increasing the greenery of your house, or coating the roof with hay can help your bedroom cool down in no time.

6. Plan the Bed Time

Making a habit of sleeping at a certain time will help you in the long term, as your body gets adjusted to the cycle. In case of children and pets, make sure that they sleep in time as well, so that you can have an uninterrupted rest!

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