10 Nifty Bookshelf Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love

If you happen to be a book-lover and take care of your books as if they were your little babies, then bookshelves must occupy priority space in your home.

Here are ten most amazing bookshelf designs, that won’t just house your books, but also become conversation starters in their own right.

1. Here’s a bookshelf designed in the shape of a cozy couch, with shelf space to keep books on all sides. You don’t have to hunt for a place to curl up with your favorite book anymore. It’s all right here, in this bookshelf-cum-couch.


2. Here’s a variation on the regular and boring, rectangular shelving space. Not only is this bookshelf stunningly different, but also houses books in an interesting zig-zag pattern. Talk about conversation starters!


3. Here’s a tree right in your own living space, housing your favorite books in an interesting and quirky way. You can even vary the scene a little and keep some curios along with your books to up the oomph factor.


4. Here’s a no-nonsense zig-zag storage for your books. Not just unique in the shelving space that it provides, but also functional and inexpensive.


5. Here’s an unconventional shelving design that houses books and knick-knacks and transforms the space it is in, with its quirkiness.


6. Here’s a corner put to great use, by designing this spacious book shelf. You don’t need a ladder to reach the books on the top shelves, as one side of this bookshelf is designed as steps. And they sure look sturdy!


7. Here’s an eye-catching variation on the conventional rectangular and vertical shelves. This circular book shelf is sure to stand out from the décor and make a statement by itself.


8. Here’s a contemporary take on an otherwise ordinary shelving space. The art piece in the middle, with the larger-than-life picture of a book, breathes life into this far-from-simple bookshelf.


9. Here’s a bookshelf with a difference. It doesn’t just function as a bookshelf, but as a great piece of art to adorn your walls with. Did anyone say quirky?


10. Talk about saving space. This amazing utilization of the space along a stairwell works extremely well with the contemporary design of this home with the rustic, stone stairs. And as a bonus, you don’t need a ladder to reach the top shelves!