7 Stunning Ways To Enliven A Dull Staircase

There are several challenges to decorating a staircase. What makes it tricky is the odd shape of the walls. And so does the fact that the staircase in the house is a sort of a transition from the public areas downstairs to the relatively private ones upstairs, which makes it important that the way the staircase is decorated works well in both the areas.

Let’s have a look at a few ideas to transform this rather odd space to a stunning conversation starter!

1. Have The Staircase Carpeted

Courtesy: visitmyhomes

You can transform the way a bare staircase looks, by using a bright carpet to cover it with. This wouldn’t just breathe a new life into a dull stairway, but will also offer a cushioning effect in the off case that someone trips on the stairs. And last but not the least, it will protect your stairs from the countless footfalls of people going up and down all the time.

2. Use Statement Lighting

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We aren’t just talking of sufficient lighting around this space. We are talking about brightening up the staircase with lighting fixtures that make a statement all in their own right – lights that don’t just light- up the place but add a touch of elegance and class to the entire area.

3. Add A Dash Of Color

Courtesy: masiongo

Another way to brighten the staircase area is to paint the walls in a bright hue. You can try choosing a bold color to add some drama.

4. Use An Assortment Of Mirrors

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Yet another way to adorn your staircase is by covering the whole space with differently will sized and shaped mirrors. The mirrors won’t just beautify the space, but add depth to the space and expand it visually. The results will be nothing short of stunning!

5. Create A Gallery Wall

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Another beautiful way to transform this dull space could be creating a gallery wall with family photographs. You can up the quirkiness of the gallery wall by throwing in a few other things, like a clock or a musical instrument, for instance. But make sure you keep the space interesting.

6. Create A Display Ledge

Courtesy: ritely

If you aren’t a fan of gallery walls, you can think of installing a ledge in the staircase, which will give you a horizontal space to display your artwork in. You can vary the size of the ledge according to the items you are planning on displaying.

7. Bring Nature Inside

Courtesy: columbian

You can liven up the staircase (literally!) by adding a few pots of plants along the stairs. Not only is it healthier for the inhabitants of the home, but also a treat for the eyes. You will need to ensure that you don’t go overboard with the planters, so as not to hinder the walking space.