9 Extremely Stylish Wooden Screens To Draw Inspiration From!

What would you do if you have a space that’s too large and would want it split into two different functional areas? Use dividers, right? But gone are the days when wooden screens and dividers did merely what they were intended for. Today, they’re used as an integral part of the overall décor and also define the space that they are used in.

Here are 9 very thoughtfully used wooden screens, that will definitely have your creative juices flowing! Let’s have a look:

1.  The wooden screen used here to separate the dining area from the kitchen adds to the aesthetics of both the spaces while providing privacy in both of them! Now, is that amazing or is that amazing?

Courtesy: myamazingthings

2.  The wooden screen-cum-railings used here section off a cozy nook below the stairs, perfect for a study table or a home-office, also enhancing the décor of the space.

Coutersy: dwell

3.  The slick wooden slats separating the kitchen from the foyer area here, are a statement in class!


4. The exquisite wooden screen suspended on sturdy chains, gives this sit-out all the privacy and coziness it needs!

Courtesy: tremost

5. It’s a good idea to use a wooden divider to house curios by using it as a divider-cum-display shelf.

Courtesy: fabelio

6. The built-in planters placed symmetrically on this wooden divider lend the neutral living area a whole lot of character!

Courtesy: myamazingthings

7.   You can even use a carved wooden divider screen as a headboard if you have tall ceilings, and give your bedroom an oh-so-Moroccan look!

Courtesy: thespruce

8. The wooden divider here also doubles up as a beautiful display case, without blocking the light filtering in from the window behind it.

Courtesy: pureinteriors.com.au

9. Here, the wooden screen doesn’t just separate the sitting area next to the stairs, but gives it the appearance of a cozy conversation nook in this expansive living space.

Courtesy: archilovers