Get Inspired: 7 Doodle Wall Art Ideas That Will Set Your House Apart!

The one thing about wall art that is little known is that it doesn’t always have to be elaborate and eye-catching to make an impact. In fact, it needs to give just the right dose of elegance to a room without calling too much attention to itself. And the one thing all décor experts will swear by is that many a time, less is more when it comes to decorating. And doodle wall art – one of the hottest trends in the décor world proves this beyond a doubt.

Here 7 brilliant doodle art designs that you can seek inspiration from and try something similar with your feature wall at home.

1. This dark feature wall with an abstract of a tree and autumn leaves gives a serene touch to this bedroom done simply in black and white.

2.  The rather small doodle wall art gives this simple bedroom just the right amount of visual appeal that it needs. Anything more elaborate would have begun to clash with the red all around.

3.  The intricate doodle art on this wall gives an elegant and feminine touch to this boring workspace and makes the whole place stunningly beautiful.

4.  This chalkboard wall with random things doodled on it elevates this setting from basic to industrial-chic.

5.  The earthy-looking doodle art on the wall fits in perfectly with this rather traditional space, and gives it more depth.

6.  Look at the way this simple doodle wall art totally transforms the feature wall and makes the entire setting picture-perfect!

7.  The oh-so-subtle doodle art on this brightly colored feature wall keeps the color from getting too overpowering on the eyes and lends the entire setting an understated elegance.