Now Meet the Future of Home Automation

1. Smart Device Management .curtain

(Manage your home Curtains with a single touch)  Check how it works


( Increase, Decrease your A/C temperature even switch On/Off with a single touch)  See more functionality


How cool it will be if you can control your lights, curtains, sprinklers, ACs, and TVs, just with a touch. With Silvan’s integrated system, you can set the mood at home just as you’d like it. To know more read here. Also fill in your details for free demo & consultation

2. Smart Lighting Solutions (Now you can raise or dim any light in the room or the entire house with a single touch!Click here for free Demo & Consultation





Now controlling the lighting of your home has become easy with Silvan’s smart lighting solution. Silvan’s innovation allows you to run your home, create the perfect ambiance as per your mood, and also takes care of the energy efficiency aspect with the help of smart devices. To know more read here.  Also fill in your details for free demo & consultation

3. Music Zoning (Play any song in any room of your home with just a single touch of your smart device!)….. Click here to see how it works


Put an end to all the music tiffs with Silvan’s Music Zoning System. The technology allows you to store multiple playlists in one central system and can be played from your smart devices in any area. To know more read here. Also fill in your details for free demo & consultation

With the constantly changing technology, our life has undergone a massive transformation. From smartphone to social media, we all want to stay connected and updated all the time. However, have you ever thought of making your home smart? Silvan is a company that provides smart home solutions at an affordable price! Click for Free Demo



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