Paint Or Wallpaper. Confused? Well, Not Anymore!

Are the walls in your home in need of a serious face-lift? Sprucing them up with some color should be easy enough, shouldn’t it? Well, it is far from easy, to say the least. The sheer number of options available today, to enhance the aesthetics of your walls, can boggle the mind, leave alone deciding on the age-old dilemma of Paint Vs. Wallpaper.

To make things a little simpler for you, we decided to take a hard look at both these options, with Indian homes in mind. What we’ve found should make deciding one for you, way easier. Have a look!

1. The Design Options Available


When thinking of creating a stunning focal point in your interiors, you would, quite obviously look for variety, both in colors and finishes – and both paint and wallpaper seem to have them in plenty.
With the spectacular texturing techniques and effects that one can create today, paints are giving wallpapers a run for their money. They are available in absolutely any color you could possibly imagine and stunning finishes like matte, glossy, satin, semi-gloss etc.

Courtesy: curbed

But if you happen to be a connoisseur of art and would love to wake up to a background of breath-taking sceneries, flowers or geometric patterns, wallpapers are the way to go.

2. Ease Of Application

Courtesy: Emporiumni

The actual application of wallpaper can be finished in just a day, when compared to the couple of days or more that a paint job requires, what with the many coats of painting and drying.
But between the two, in the Indian scenario, where the walls may not always be smooth, and their surface a bit worn out, painting is a less fussy choice, since the application of wallpaper requires a smooth wall, free from imperfections, or re-plastering if a wall isn’t smooth.

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Also, while a new coat of paint can be applied on an old one, a new layer of wallpaper cannot be applied on top of an existing one. Which is why it needs an expert whereas a less fancy paint job can be tackled by a willing homeowner with the right tools.

3. Life


A high-end paint job, when maintained well can last up to 5-7 years. However, it can fade and start flaking due to seepage issues or exposure to the sun, which might mean that you will need to retouch it every 3-4 years.

Courtesy: dj2ndnature

Wallpaper, on the other hand has a very long life and can stay with you for around 15 years, if left untouched. But even a small damage, if too noticeable will need a whole portion or wall stripped and re-pasted with a new paper, which needs both time and money.

4. Cost


Although the initial cost of applying wallpaper is high, it is a one-time investment as they last for a decade or more. And paint, though relatively cheaper to apply, needs frequent reapplication, which makes it the more expensive of the two options.


5. Safety

Courtesy: anyabelle

Paints can emit fumes during and for the first few days after application. Also a few cheaper paints available in the market can even contain pigments and resins which don’t just harm us, but also the environment. Wallpapers leave no smells or fumes behind upon application.

Courtesy: Nanacorner

6. Weather Conditions


If you live in a city that has a humid climate, wallpapers aren’t a great wall treatment option as the glue tends to lose its effect due to the constant exposure to moist air and the paper starts to peel soon.  Similarly paints, especially oil paints aren’t a great idea for places that get extremely hot.